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The Spider Queen, Lolth’s Code – D&D Tenets

Lolth's Code
Looking for Lolth’s Code of ethics and rules?
Here is Lolth’s code/tenets from 1-7 that all loyal priestesses should know by heart!

Menzoberranzan’s principal law is the Way of Lolth, a code of behaviour known in detail by every high priestess, and administrated by the Ruling Council.

Lolth’s code is as follows

Lolth’s Code

  1. There is no god or goddess other than Lolth. Any who follows the dictates of another entity will be slain, preferably in sacrifice to Lolth.
  2. Ritual worship of any entity other than Lolth is forbidden within the city vault. Non-drow who violate this tenet is fined and expelled from the city. Second offenders or any drow who do so are slain.
  3. Slaves have no rights, and there are no limits to the punishments or duties that can be set for them. The treatment of slaves is the affair of their owners. It is a capital offence for a slave to refuse any order from a drow of the house that owns the slave.
  4. A commoner or a student of the academy who refuses to obey a priestess can be punished as the offended priestess sees fit, up to and including death. If the offender is the property of another house and the noble of that house is present and objects, the two must agree on a punishment (usually flogging)
  5. Any drow who falsely wears the colors of another house or who deliberately alters his or her appearance to masquerade as one of a different station will be slain
  6. Any non-drow who adopts the appearance of a particular drow, a drow of noble rank, or a drow of a house other than his or her own will be slain
  7. If it can be proved that two or more houses attacked another house, all the houses that participated in the attack will be destroyed jointly by the remainder

Sentences are usually carried out on the spot to serve as an example to others.

Whipping and torture are the most common penalties because the priestesses enjoy delivering the sort of punishment they can inflict repeatedly.

This concludes Lolth’s code.
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2 Responses

  1. So I’m hearing that a Lolthite drow mistress can be kind if they wish and Lolth doesn’t have any rules stating they have to be cruel to their males?

    1. You are correct, there is a prejudice that women are better than men in Drow society, but they do not have any rules saying they MUST be cruel to them.
      If they are kind, however, they will likely be judged by other Matrons and noble ladies

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