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How to make your own BBEG

How to make your own BBEG
Been shopping and found the one you want to make is way too expensive?
So did we, and thats why we made this easy guide on how to make your own BBEG. 

This guide works best for giant big bad evil guys, but could also be modified to work for whatever you are trying to make (based on your own creativity)

The paints we already had, but the materials to actually make the outline were somewhere around $10, definitely a more cost-effective option than getting a mini made, but also a bit less durable as a trade-off.

What are we making:

To get us started…

This guide is specifically on how to make the Demogorgon, but it applies to a variety of things (maybe minus one head and adding some hands)

Step 1

Cut and wire

Measure out and cut dowels to the size you would like your mini to be. Use a mini that you already have to help you decide just how big you want it to be.

Measure your wire just over double the length of your limb and twist together.
Put the end of your limb through the loop at the bottom and cut another wire roughly 3 times the full limb.

Loop the 2nd wire and slowly wrap your way up the limb, one side – cross – then the other side – cross.

Try to keep the first wire along the same side of the next limb pieces being added on

After finishing the limbs, add wire to the spine – twist along so it stays in one place.

When it’s all attached, twist the 2nd wire onto the spine as if you were continuing another limb

Finally, add the head (or heads). If you have things like a tail then now would also be the time to add that.

There should be no stray wires when finished, if there is you can add another wire to help push them down or just use some pliers to bend them back. Be careful of width if you have a super-thin area that you want to keep super thin, the wires, wood and clay will make things thicker.

Also, add any other fun stuff that you are doing for your mini (like slimy gross tentacles for example)

Step 2

Tin and clay

Clay is heavy, so use tin foil to bulk up the head, tail, and torso.

You can then place the statue in any position you would like it to be finished in. then we need to stabilize the joints, the last thing you want is it moving around and wrecking your paint job at the end. Add tape or wire to keep your foil in place, you can choose to glue it in from there or just trust your wiring.

After that’s complete you can go ahead and start adding the clay, make little pancakes with your clay and stick them on to your BBEG sculpture. Start with one area and expand until you have slowly covered the whole mini.

Don’t worry about details on the first set, just worry about getting everything covered as seamlessly as possible. After everything is all covered, start bulking up areas that couldn’t be bulked with the foil (thighs, chest, head)

Then create your more intense designs and add them to the sculpture (Scales, head, feet, hands, eyes, all the details). You can use different brushes, shovels, pavers, and so on to give you different effects for your details.

Also if you aren’t super skilled in this area, don’t worry about it. The most important thing is that you give it your best shot and that your players get a great experience. Also that you are learning how to make your own BBEG, which is extremely versatile!

Step 3

Wait and paint

Different types of clay require different drying times, I happened to make this the night before the game I wanted to use it… (boo-yeah for spur-of-the-moment crafts!) it was not enough time. But I did it anyway lol.

Anyways, you will want to start by giving it a primer paint spray – spraying with black first is a good option and then add white on top (like the sunlight coming down)

If you want to give your BBEG a base but it’s too big to add one – just make it out of a butter lid!

Cheap and easy, spray paint and a paintbrush ftw. Line up your base with your battle mat to add a playable area while you make your BBEG.

Speaking of painting, it’s about time to start getting the BBEG with some skin together.

Let’s go ahead and remember that I made this the night before the game so… keep your judgements to yourself! Unless they are great and encouraging judgements, those we can definitely keep.

After it dries, go ahead and spray it with a finishing spray that is either gloss or matte depending on the style of BBEG you have going on (gloss for wet/magic styles, matte for pretty much everything else).

The lines are clearly not lined up, this picture was just to show how kickass he is. With the base, you can have your players fight directly inside it – which adds an extra layer of fun in my opinion!

For our game, in particular, it added a whole extra level of terror to the game as well as helping the players feel more involved and definitely brought morale up 🙂

I will definitely be making some more of these styles of minis which will be posted in the future.

This concludes how to make your own BBEG.
Check back for more DIY projects and please comment with your creations!

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