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325 Amazing DND Shop Name Ideas For Your Game

Shop Name Ideas
Need some easy and readily available DND Shop Name Ideas?
Here is an easy list of 325 Amazing DND Shop Name Ideas For Your Game!

Having to come up with a name for that random goblin that your party found on the side of the road and adopted is bad enough, especially now that ‘Renzo’ is a permanent part of the team, but random travelling merchants or in town shops can be just as difficult, if not more so!

Here is a handy list of Dungeons and Dragons shop name ideas either for on the fly or coming up with in advance. These have been taken from all over the internet, TV Shows, and the minds of fellow DND enthusiasts, all consolidated into one easy place.

Art by Raqsonu

Since there are so many, they have been broken down into smaller groups: Adventuring shop name ideas (Smith, Herbalist/Apocrathy, Magic, Adventuring), Random shop name ideas, Tavern/Food Shop Name Ideas, Brothel Name Ideas, Shop name ideas with some story, and finally, To Shop Names… And Beyond!

Adventuring Shop Name Ideas

Shops that might actually be useful for your adventurers

  1. Frigidity Black’s Metalworks
  2. Tin Titans
  3. Orange is the New Blacksmith
  4. Brawl-Mart
  5. Bang n’ Clang Blacksmith
  6. Armored Saints
  7. The Wroughton Apple Blacksmith
  8. The Best Defense
  9. Armen’s Arms For Men
  10. Between an Anvil and a Hot Place
  11. Gilded Lilies Armourer
  12. Urbane Outfitters
  13. Forge Ahead
  14. Axe Hardware
  15. Armourcrombie and Finch
  16. Arrow smiths (owner is a gnome named Styler)
  17. Shield of Dreams
  18. Britney’s Spears
  19. Enmai’s Axe
  20. Kissmai Axe
  21. What a Steel!
  22. Victorious Secret – skimpy armor
  23. She Sells Shields ‘n Scale by the Sea Shore
  24. Less is Mortar
  1. Minty’s Herbs
  2. Essential Herbs
  3. Erb’s Herbs
  4. Mary Jane’s
  5. No Thyme Like the Present
  6. Makin’ Thyme with Rosemary
  7. One, Two, Tree
  8. Garden Gnomes – Herb and botany shop run by gnomes
  9. Nick’s Spices and Nices
  10. Fatuous Apothecary
  11. Weeping Sorrow
  12. Wings and Things
  13. The Rabbit Hole – basement apothecary. (Come Down The Rabbit Hole)
  1. Taboo Voodoo
  2. Taboos and Voodoos
  3. The oracle gift shop – they always know what you need
  4. Joe’s Exotic Goods
  5. Bibbity Bobbity Boo Magics
  6. Gnaomies Magic Shop
  7. Spells ‘R’ Us
  8. Ocean’s Potions – proprietor Philip Ocean (fill a potion)
  9. Bubble and Boil – potion shop
  10. Potion State Cauldron
  11. Dick’s Warding Goods
  12. Tricks and Treats – magical food
  13. How Do You Spell That?
  14. The Staff Room
  15. Wilwarick’s Wonderful Wares
  16. William’s Wondrous Wares
  17. Empoorium – the poor man’s magic wand
  18. The Potion Cellar
  19. Cast-co – discount supplier of bulk spellcasting components
  20. Apples to Oranges – for all your transmutation needs
  21. The Ward’s Work
  22. Wanda’s One-Shot Wand Shop – only sells consumable items
  23. Uncle Oswald’s Discount Magic – always something wrong, damaged or partially used
  24. Black Emporium on Arcanum
  25. Potent Potables Potion Shoppe
  26. The Pen is Mightier – Scrolls
  27. The Philosophers Store – Alchemy
  28. Mixmasters – Potions/music
  29. The Wizard’s Tower
Adventuring Gear:
  1. Booty Heisters – rogue shop
  2. Magoria’s Shifty Needs – rogue shop
  3. Versarchery – fashionable hunting gear
  4. All-Mart
  5. Silver General
  6. Crusader Joe’s
  7. Caustco – warehouse offering bulk fire & acid products
  8. The One-Stop Stock Shop
  9. Black & Tanned – leatherwork
  10. The Broken Compass
  11. Dora’s Backpacks
  12. The Bent Copper
  13. Maul-green’s – weapons
  14. Target – archery
  15. Poker’s & Sharp’s Wholesale Weaponry – owned and operated by Palen Poker and Sara Sharp
  16. Schwarz & Neager – barbarian shop
  17. Lancer’s Lances – gear for horse-mounted combat
  18. Booming Dales – gunslinger shop
  19. The Crimson Sash
  20. The Crow Bar
  21. The Sturdy Sheath
Art by elle shengxuan shi

Random Shop Name Ideas

For when you just need some extra fun shops to throw into your game

  1. Magic Carpet Shop
  2. The Stained Glass
  3. Repossessed – a debt collection agency for exorcists
  4. Push the envelope – an adventurer’s stationery
  5. The smoking hot body – a crematorium
  6. Hackers – a lumberjack’s internet cafe
  7. Miserly Bank
  8. Gnome Depot – Home depot, but gnomes, for all your renovation needs
  9. It Fits – Tailor
  10. Once Upon A Seam – Tailor
  11. Make It Sew – Tailor
  12. Victorious Secret – undergarment store
  13. In the Loupe – Jeweller
  14. Sherman the Potter
  15. Sheldon the Cooper – Barrel-Maker
  16. Crafter Barrel
  17. Pandora’s Box – Pawnshop of stolen goods
  18. Den of Antiquity – Antique shop
  19. Taky’s Tiki of Tropikal Talismans
  20. Ricki Ticki
  21. Nick’s Knacks
  22. Bald Barry’s Barbershop
  23. Big Ben’s Clockworks
  24. Amazonian Books
  25. The Book Nook
  26. Bards & Nobles bookstore
  27. The Skinny Dip – Gossip shop
  28. Charm Person – Dating Agency
  29. Hold Person – Marriage Chapel
  30. Remove Curse – Divorce Attorney. (Charm person, hold person, remove curse all run by the same corporation)
  31. Slate’s Farm – Either a farm or insurance company
  32. Elf Storage
  33. Owlbear Sterns
  34. Layman Brothers Bank
  35. Occam’s Razors barbershop
  36. Harley David & Son’s stable
  37. The Broken Mast
  38. The Mourning Wood
  39. Lots O’ Knots
  40. Cobblers At Dawn
  41. Eye Caramba – glass shop
  42. Sneed’s Feed and Seed (Formally Chucks)
  43. Try N’ Save
  44. I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm
  45. The Family Jewels
  46. Curl up and Dye – a scroll and ink shop or tannery
  47. Curl up and Dye – a beauty boutique specializing in magically altering appearances semi-permanently
  48. Semi-Painless Dentistry
  49. Donner’s Party Supplies
  50. Hairy Shearers – barber
  51. Kwik-e-mart
  52. King Toot’s Music Store
  53. Something Wicker This Way Comes
  54. Abercrombie & The Other Guy
  55. Girdles N’ Such
  56. Rock Bottom Remainders
  57. International House of Tackle
  58. Cinderblock Village
  59. One, Two, Tree Gardening
  60. Pots Pot Potporium – Pots of all sizes, never with a lid that fits
  61. Tabaxidermist – a taxidermy shop run by a Tabaxi named Sculpture
  62. The Flowered Skunk – flower shop
  63. Locke’s Socks
  64. The silver piece store, where everything is only a silver piece!
  65. Rick’s Rickety Shit Shack
  66. The Crass Menagerie – (for rude pets) pet shop
  67. Flameboyant Fireworks
  68. In the Wick of Time Candle Store
  69. Hostel Takeover
  70. School of Bard Knocks
  71. Tier 1 Imports
  72. The Bait and Switch
  73. Gnome Man’s Land – Everything about it is tiny
  74. Taylor Swifts swift Tailory – Simple tailoring or clothing enchantments
  75. Partha’s Pewters
  76. Looters – A Pawn Shop
  77. The Gassy Gnoll
  78. Britches and Hoes
  79. Noah’s Arks – boat vendor
  80. Squirrel Power – familiars/pets
  81. Smoke ‘Em If We Got ‘Em – tobacconist
  82. Roll Players – wagon/cart vendor
  83. Flannegan Bannannegan’s Emporium
  84. Back to the Fuschia – A dye and paint shop
  85. In ‘N’ Out Ear Piercing
  86. Brogattos Burberry Bank
  87. The Cats Pajamas – clothing shop
  88. Adventurers Anonymous
  89. Monty’s Pythons and Bird Menagerie (pet shop or zoo)
  90. The Portal Inn
  91. Havi’s Havocs
  92. Ends and Odds – weapon shop with gambling games
  93. War-Mart – War shop (Trebuchet, Sandbags, Trenching equipment, mining equipment etc)
  94. The Crow Bar
  95. Inn-n-Out
  96. The Stumble Inn
  97. Cinches & Stitches – clothier
  98. Coat de Grâce – coat shop
  99. Botanist Bob’s Big Boutique of Bouquets – Flower shop

Tavern/Food Shop Name Ideas

Could technically also work for an inn or just a single NPC food enthusiast

  1. Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast
  2. Breakfast and Bedrolls
  3. Souse House
  4. The Rusty Mug
  5. The Dragon Flagon
  6. The Curly Wolf
  7. Wings & Things
  8. Roll With It Bakery
  9. Miss Steak’s Pub.
  10. The B’s Knees
  11. The Bird in Hand
  12. The Heinz 57
  13. Dungeon Donuts
  14. Ma Jick’s The Gathering – A tavern or place to gather.
  15. The Dreavy Hinker Tavern
  16. The Cracked Barrel – A tavern with a cheese specialty
  17. Barge Wright Inn
  18. The Cod Father (fishmonger)
  19. The Crested Witch’s Raisin – a bakery and patisserie run by Dragonborn
  20. Roll for Initiative Bakery
  21. Nick’s Spices and Nices
  22. Wich Craft – Sandwiches and potions
  23. Ash & Kutcher’s Butcher
  24. Any Given Sundae
  25. Amy’s Winehouse
  26. Bite the Bulette exotic meats
  27. Luke Frywalker
  28. Grounded – coffee shop
  29. The Hammered Horse
  30. Mac and Donalds
  31. The Pickle Barrel
  32. Bob’s Burgers
  33. Meat – butcher
  34. Best Rye – bakery
  35. Green Flesh Brewing (Half-orc brewer)
  36. The Beer of all Bears Brewery
  37. Ale be Damned
  38. Black & Brew
  39. The Devil’s Dew
  40. The Ugly Mug
  41. The Chum Dumpster
  42. The Chum Bucket
  43. Good Knight’s Sleep
  44. The Usual Place
  45. Toast of the Town (bakery)
  46. General Chang’s Taco Italiano
  47. Municipal House of Pancakes
  48. Motherloving Sugar Corp.
  49. Messijo’s Eatery
  50. Tequila Mockingbird

Brothel Name Ideas

There were actually so many of these it gets its own category

  1. The Charming Tail
  2. The Pucker, Poke, & Puke saloon
  3. Breast Buy
  4. Odds and ends – Casino/Brothel
  5. Ho Kee Pokee
  6. Britches and Hoes
  7. The Skinny Dip
  8. The Prancing Kobold (everyone refers to it as TPK)
  9. Boy Toys
  10. Boys R Us- A drag king bar
  11. The Dice
  12. The White Swallow
  13. Blue-Footed Booby
  14. Snatch & Sniff – Brothel/Perfume shop
  15. The Low Blow
  16. The Shrieking Clam
  17. The Pickle Barrel
  18. The Great Club
  19. Leaky Sausage 
  20. Salty Swallow
  21. Phallus Palace of Malice

Shop name ideas with some story

In case you need a little push in the backstory direction

  1. The lost soles – a shoe shop where orphans are trained in the art of shoe maintenance, but you can only purchase mismatched pairs
  2. Phinagins House of Holding – run by a Full blood Orc Artificer named Grum, if anyone asks “Phinagin is out on another supply run he’ll be back faster than you can skin a tarrasque.”
  3. Bob’s Shack – the shop moves slightly up and down as if it’s floating on water (bobbing if you will)
  4. The Clutch – Dragonborn owned inn
  5. “S” mart boomsticks & books – Magical shop for fighting and making undead. Half off gloves.
  6. H. O. E (Hell On Earth) – A tavern owned by a devil made for travelling monsters to enjoy.
  7. The Second Spellbook – Primarily sells scrolls and potions.
  8. Gnelson Gneat Gnick-Gnacks – Shop owner Gnelson Glick. A Gnome if you couldn’t gnuess
  9. The Normal Store – Run by John Normalman, who is most definitely a human and not three goblins in a trenchcoat named Tip, Tap and Top (Every time you see “John“ it is quite clearly a different goblin at the top. Even if you turn your back for only a moment to browse the shelves.)
  10. Erb’s Herbs – Less of a shop, more of a man with a canopy, small wood desk and ton of pots and jars strapped to him.
  11. Heinz’s potion shop – Famous for its random potion with 57 different effects.
  12. Red Bear’s Maps – A map store, with maps from almost anywhere. When you ask the owner, a native-like druid, how does he have a map of the inside of the BBEG’s HQ, he just says “I know a guy. He owed me one.” or random bullshit like that.
  13. Al Victoriam’s Midnight Emporium – Opens at Midnight, sells till noon, for those late-night/early-morning adventuring needs
  14. Widdershins Witchery – A small shop cluttered with reagents, herbal medicines, and Druid aesthetic decor. Every wall is densely packed and covered floor to ceiling.
  15. Roy G’s Bivwak and Camping Supplies – Rainbow style branding (ROY G BIV 🌈)
  16. Stillgood’s Second-hand Tools – Run by Adrian Stillgood, who will charge you more if you mention the unintentional pun to him. He of course only has one hand, the other is a hook.
  17. Creatures of Comfort – A store that sells clothes and armor made for non-human races with unusual shapes or skin, such as Dragonborn, Warforged, Shardminds, etc
  18. The Seven Leaf Clover – A store dealing in excessive superstition objects. Seven leaf clovers, shooting star firework kits, black cat repellant, mirror insta-fix gel. Owned by an incredibly paranoid gnome named Riley, who is covered in charms and believes in the universe, karma, luck, and that other intangible world forces are out to get him.
  19. Sneak & Hide – Sneak is the store owner, they sell various hide armors, specializing in custom orders and are used to handling special materials. Rumored a tarrasque shield was made here.
  20. The Drakery – a baking chain run by enterprising Dragonborn, kobolds, lizardmen and dragon sorcerers. If you find a scale in your food, get another cake free!
  21. Barry’s Botanical Bar – a pub made from living plants, you have to ask the doors to open (bonus points if you make them say a catchphrase of the pub or just say please nicely and mean it) the drinks all taste HORRIBLE earthy, probably because they use roots twisted together as the barrels
  22. Jacks House of Beans – A coffee shop atop a beanstalk where magical coffees are brewed daily (Ask about their giant-sized discounts)
  23. Books, Scrolls, and Adventures Galore – Two-story shop with moon-shaped windows. The outside looks fairly normal, but the moment you step in, a relaxed feeling settles over you.
  24. Burning Anger – This is a gym owned and run by a red half-dragon named Pyrothraxis. He named his shop after his great axe (Burning Anger).
  25. Carl’s Insane Discounts – A general store led by a multi-eyed tentacle monster who has since retired from his cult leading days. He calls himself Carl out of courtesy, seeing as how his true name turns mortals insane. He speaks directly into the minds of customers, but he means well.
  26. He Who Smelt It – A Blacksmiths acting as a front for an illegal gambling house called: He Who Dealt It
  27. Belthezar’s Shop of Spell Scrolls – Only sells scrolls of level 5 or below that don’t directly cause the loss or gain of hitpoints.
  28. Myth Directions – Standard instructions, cartography, and local lore. She collects stories and snippets of information that she’ll sell or trade if first, you show her due respect. But if you offend her, she may send you off with a red herring, a map that will take you the long way ’round, or right to your enemy’s trap. (Think squirrel seller from Rat Race)
  29. Deluge – Enchanted umbrellas protecting from different liquids.
  30. Sears – Enchanted outfitters focused on fireproof equipment or flaming weapons
  31. Wolves Forgo Bank – a bank set up by secret werewolves that gives a suspiciously good exchange rate on silver, hoping to remove as much of it as possible from circulation
  32. Book Wyrms – It’s run by Aurelius, a person of indeterminate age, origin, or gender, who insists that they are absolutely NOT a polymorphed dragon – although they provide this information a little too willingly, and with a mischievous wink…
  33. The Tarot Dactyl – Where cards are read in dactylic pentameter
  34. Fireball’s – A local pub named after the personality of the owner, a fiery redhead named Ember (human rogue), who knows way more than she lets on.
  35. The Library – Magical book store with a twist. If you are given a flyer with a password, and it’s spoken aloud, you will be teleported to a back room of the library where a very powerful mage has succubi do strip dances and private shows. The flyer is consumed on use.
  36. Can Tucky Fry Chicken – An eating establishment where the fryer is named Tuck. He also happens to be a monk.
  37. The Lolipop Guild – A candy shop operated by a Gnome and his family.
  38. Holy Crap – A black market shop for clerics who need specialty items that might be looked down upon by their clergy.
  39. Super Cal’s Frag Ballistic Expell All & Dose Us – An apothecary specializing in digestive issues.
  40. Cloak and Shag’r – The tools to sneak in and shag the mayor’s wife.
  41. The King’s New Clothes – A Clothier and Tailor shoppe. Run by a snobby Gnome named Nare Baked, who seems to be completely out of stock on every customer request.
  42. Plates and Bulls – A China/silverware shop owned by a Minotaur.
  43. The General – A general store run by a Goblin who calls himself “The General”, and wears a little green outfit with strange medals he claims is a General’s outfit of some far-off country.
  44. Great Cut! – A weapon shop specialized in slashing weapons. The shop is run by a half-orc blacksmith named Blurg En’deal, who only wears pants and his trusted handcrafted great axe on his back. The shop has suspiciously low prices, because while Blurg is a very good blacksmith, he is a bad businessman, and he lowered his prices too much to attract customers.
  45. Colossus Layers – Retired Elven Ranger focusing on their baking adventures by making very large cakes
  46. Sheerina’s Sheep-farm, Dyers, Weavers, & Millinery – Hats & Scarves, a specialty! (We’re dyeing to pull our wool over your eyes!)
  47. Wizards of the Coats – Outfitters of almost magical skill.
  48. Hoaxy Pokies – A pawn shop of enchanted/cursed weapons and traps
  49. Precious – A ring shop run by a halfling obsessed with one ring in particular
  50. Gunter’s Gesticulating Gourds – Gunter the Tiefling carves realistic faces into hollowed-out gourds. If you stare at them long enough they seem to move! (You might also hear sounds coming from them if you listen hard enough)
  51. Morning’s Wood – Owned by a human named Morning, it’s a woodshop that also sells logging equipment
  52. The Hammer and Pickle – Blacksmith with a delightful cafe on the side
  53. The Ran-Shack – A place to turn stolen goods normal or trade them in for clean gear
  54. With Threads Like These (tailors) right next to Who Needs Enemies (weapons shop)
  55. Brezug’s Brews – a potion shop owned by a friendly old goblin with a large mushroom as a hat. He has awakened plants as helpers, which he creates using pots of awakening.
  56. It’s a Steal! (Rogue supply shop) it’s right next to the Italian blacksmith, It’s a’Steel!
  57. Gnome is Where the heart is – a furniture shop run by gnomes. Though well made, has a slight chance of combusting. Design feature or fault? They won’t tell you.
  58. The Gnolling Alley – A bowling alley that has ten cardboard cutouts of Gnolls at the end of the lane, you have to charge down the lane and knock over as many as you can. A game invented by barbarians, loved by all.
  59. The Giants’ Digest – A newspaper company made inside the taxidermied stomach of a hill giant. No guys no glory, right
  60. Jacob’s Potisons – A shop of a failed Potion maker, all his potions ended up harming people, so he crossed out some letters and changed the name to ‘Poisons’
  61. The Outside Inn – A wall with a door that you go through and is an outdoor experience. Tables are set up with ‘beds’ around fireplaces
  62. Dis-enchanted – The place to go to have magical items disenchanted into their basic components. A disclaimer hangs in the window that magical effects from living creatures cannot be removed.
  63. Sword and Board – An inn that sponsors a knightly fighting ring

To Shop Names… And Beyond!

How many possible combinations are there?

  1. Blood, Bath, & Beyond
  2. Dead, Wrath, and Beyond
  3. Bed, Beer, and Beyond
  4. Club, Blade and Beyond
  5. Spellbound & Beyond
  6. Bed, Bath, & Beholder

There are most certainly more “Bed, Bath and Beyond” references, if you think of another please post it in the comments below!

To Infinity & Beyond!

Hopefully, you are able to use at least one or two of these great names and ideas for your game if you have fleshed out any of them please definitely mention it in the comments!

This concludes 325 Amazing DND Shop Name Ideas For Your Game.


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