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15 of the Best D&D Battle Music Soundtracks

15 of the Best D&D Battle Music Soundtracks
Need some battle music for your epic encounter?
Here are 15 of the Best D&D Battle Music Soundtracks!

Naturally, if you are going to be spending time in the Underdark you are going to be needing some epic, gruesome and fear-inspiring music! But this also applies to other places around the world.

Without further ado, the countdown for 15 of the Best D&D Battle Music Soundtracks.

1. Darkest Dungeon – Crimson Court “Bloodletting”

Stuart Chatwood

This one is great for creepy themes as well as just stressing players out, it’s great for a shorter battle that you want to add other music, or keep on repeat until the encounter sorts itself out. Stuart has some excellent pieces to pull from in his overall video collection.

“Brilliant soundtrack. This piece in particular is my favorite, it’s hauntingly beautiful and brings the entire atmosphere of The Court together. Darkest Dungeon is one of the few games that I purchased the soundtrack for, it goes beyond just a game and falls into the category of art with it’s fantastic graphics, atmosphere, voice talent, and especially music. Great work, Mr. Chatwood. I hope to see more in the future!”

– Fizzy Wizzy

2. Bloody Tears – Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow

Cellextyn X2

Extending a great song is almost always advised for dungeons and dragons due to just how long combat takes. Use this option for less dramatic fights, more random encounters and of course, any vampires (except maybe Strahd).

“Hell yeah”

– FrankTheAlbinoDino

3. Naruto – Orochimaru’s Full Theme


The very essence of combat himself, Orochimaru’s theme song is bound to strike fear into the hearts of those around the table. Excellent theme music, along with other soundtracks from Naruto (literally an anime about constant encounters) are just what your table needs.

The organ in this one is also excellent for vampire instances.

“The first villain that ever gave me chills”

– TJ

4. Darkest Dungeon – Crimson Court “Bloodletting”

Position Music – Trailer Music

With “Trailer Music” in your username, you are basically proclaiming that this is the most epic channel for soundtracks. This rendition of Paint it Black has very little to no singing, yet is still familiar enough to give a nice creepy vibe while pumping you up.

“I’ve waited so long for a track like this, I wish I could shake the persons hand who created this spine tingling amazing piece!”

– A

5. Viking War Music – Dark & Tribal


If something a little more druidic or dark is your style, then Viking is the way to go. The war music Vikings bring to the table is unrivalled in its tenacity and tribal effects. Not to mention there are a lot of extended versions with much less advertising – nothing to ruin gameplay like a random Pantene commercial.

“I remember dancing with the boys to this in the 800’s”

– Alxz

6. AC Valhalla – Valhalla Calling Me

Karol Kojda

Less tribal and more “wellerman” style vocals, this one is great for background music if you are not trying to give anyone an anxiety attack during the 2-hour long combat but still have great focus.

Also would work just general adventuring background music.

“Played this during my morning commute. My Ford Fiesta suddenly transformed into a longship, my Starbucks latte became mead, and I gained 30 pounds of muscle mass. Stormed into the office, demanded a raise, and then carried the boss’ attractive secretary out on my shoulder.”

– Ty Mcleod

7. Dark Sinister – Villian

Trailer Music Empire

Going back and forth between eery and epic, an excellent rendition to add to the gaming table. Not too much for actual wording/singing and a much larger focus on the orchestra.

“This playlist is perfect for my idealistic heroine’s descent into villainy lol”

– TheAngryGoblin

8. 1 Hour Orchestral Rock Mix – Antti Martikainen

EpicMusicChannel (EMC)

I mean, the picture says it all, and if that doesn’t then it’s probably the name of the channel… D&D Battle Music at its finest.

“I use this mix a lot, whenever players at my table hear the intro lick they get ammmmmped and ready, an unbeatable boss looks pretty beatable once a good jam kicks on.”

– Tristian Dowell

9. EoSD Flandre’s Theme – U.N. Owen was Her?


For a more video game theme, this 10-minute one on repeat will add an upbeat hype while getting everyone pumped up. As learned from experience, some players don’t enjoy this type of music for epic boss battles though, so place with your discretion (you know your table best)

“I don’t think this theme is really that overrated. Listen to it closely and it sounds chaotic without being insanely fast, which suits Flandre perfectly”

– EverestBlizzard

10. DnD – Vampire Fight

Мишель Велесов

I mean… it literally has the name DnD in the title, so has to be great right?

This tried and true composition has an opera theme that will work with pretty much any epic boss fight, dragons, gods, demon lords, vampire lords, Darth Vader.. anything could happen.

“My players fight Strahd tonight and it seems I have found my playlist”

– Christian Harris

11. Star Wars – Epic “Duel of the Fates”

Samuel Kim Music

Star wars is great as long as you know it’s not going to pull your characters out of gameplay, if you know it won’t, this is an epic choice and totally worth adding to the list.

“I listened to this while I was grading papers and now my red pen has two ends.”

– Rob H

12. The Matrix – Navras


Don’t let the name fool you, this is PERFECT for dnd fighting – a mix of vocals, orchestra and trance blending together in harmony to create a mood getting you ready to start Kung foo fighting in your living room. Excellent D&D Battle Music vibes.

“One of the best songs of all time, you can fit it in just about anything. Especially anything epic. I heard this elsewhere but it fits just as well here. You are ordered to fend off an army with but a single regiment while waiting for reinforcements”

– Sky

13. Epic pirate battle music – Treacherous Waters

Antti Martikainen Music

Perfect for pirate themes, or for the dark lake am-i-right 😉

“Just when I was about to give up looking for music for my D&D games you always pull through!  Fantastic music you got me and my group hooked! “

– Calvary Calvary

14. Warhammer – Total War Danse Macabre

Peaches Lamb

Warhammer, a game for literal nonstop encounters. Makes sense that they would have an epic soundtrack for D&D battle music. Vocals, orchestra and some tribal singing, great warrior feelings shining through. It is quite short though, so don’t expect it to be your only ambience unless you keep it on repeat.

“This track is the best, because it has the rythm and feel of Jeff Van Dyck’s Total War soundtrack”

– Filip Agrippa

15. Desperados – Banditos & Pistoleros

Hollywood Film Music Orchestra – Topic

I throw this at my players from time to time just to spice things up. Usually, its met with bravado and some kind of personal challenge, then follows up with one of the other epic battle fights when everyone else joins in

“Comments turned off for this video”

– Youtube
This concludes 15 of the Best D&D Battle Music Soundtracks.
If you have more epic music ideas, please comment below! Or check out more posts here!

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