Sea Hag One Shot – Hags of the High Seas – Dnd 5e



🌊 High-Seas Horror Awaits: In “Hags of the High Seas,” your dnd party will navigate treacherous waters and battle not only the elements but the wicked machinations of a coven of sea hags.

🏴‍☠️ Perfect for Pirate-Themed Adventures: Whether your campaign is set on the high seas or you’re seeking to inject a maritime twist into your ongoing game, “Hags of the High Seas” offers an immersive and action-packed experience that will leave your players on the edge of their seats.

📚 All-in-One Adventure: With stat blocks, map ideas, coven information, and water-specific rules included, “Hags of the High Seas” is a comprehensive package that ensures a seamless and immersive experience for both you and your players.

🎁 Seize Your Copy: Ready to plunge into the depths of this maritime nightmare? “Hags of the High Seas” is a versatile addition to your DM toolkit, perfect for standalone adventures or as an exciting interlude in your larger campaign.

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Looking to set sail on a thrilling pirate adventure? Dive into the dark depths of the sea with “Hags of the High Seas,” a sea hag 5E D&D one-shot, perfect for Dungeon Masters seeking to enrich their campaigns with maritime mayhem.


In this swashbuckling tale, the entire pirate crew finds themselves ensnared in the sinister grasp of “Dream Haunting.” Malevolent hags invade the dreams of slumbering souls, subjecting them to nightmarish torment. Their dark powers amplify these enchantments, extending the duration and imposing additional agonies. As a result, the crew is gripped by relentless sleep deprivation, suffering from level 3 exhaustion, which inflicts disadvantage on their attack rolls and saving throws. ☠️💤


Set sail into uncharted territory, where hags and pirates collide in “Hags of the High Seas.” Order now and steer your campaign into an epic maritime showdown! 🌊🪄🏴‍☠️


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