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Drider – What Everybody Should Know About Driders

What Everybody Should Know About Driders - House of Lolth

Wondering about the elusive Drider? Here is everything you need to know about the Drider Monster. Like a centaur from your nightmares, the Drider is a creation of the Spider Queen, Lolth. They are challenge level 6 and are generally found making themselves a home in the Underdark alone. Possibly they will have banded with […]

Everything you need to know about Drow Currency

Drow Currency House of lolth

Wondering about Drow Currency? Here is everything you need to know about Drow Currency. You might be curious about Underdark currencies in general, but especially the drow when they have no Queen (and definitely not a king) to put on the face of their coins. Drow Currency from Houses As you may know, in Menzoberranzan […]

The Spider Queen, Lolth’s Code – D&D Tenets

Lolth's Code

Looking for Lolth’s Code of ethics and rules? Here is Lolth’s code/tenets from 1-7 that all loyal priestesses should know by heart! Menzoberranzan’s principal law is the Way of Lolth, a code of behaviour known in detail by every high priestess, and administrated by the Ruling Council. Lolth’s code is as follows Lolth’s Code Sentences […]

Lolth Spider Queen 5e Easily Explained

Lolth Spider Queen 5e Easily Explained

Wondering about The Goddess of the Underdark and Queen of Spiders? Here is an easy breakdown of Lolth Spider Queen 5e Easily Explained! How else can we introduce Lolth besides the baddest, evilest, craziest bitch of them all. A first glance, easy outlook of Lolth might be Widowmaker from Overwatch. She could totally be an […]

The 5 Crazy Trials Lolth gives to her Priestesses


Looking for Lolths Crazy Tests/Trials for her Preistesses? Here are all 5 of them! Even Lolths most devout clerics hate and fear her, and not without reason! Asking Lolth for help is considered extremely offensive and will more likely be met with death than anything else. Lolth’s main premise is strength begets strength. There is […]